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Top 7 Popular Managers Who Have Never Been Sacked – Sholynationsports

In the volatile world of football management, job security is a rarity. However, a handful of esteemed managers have navigated their careers without facing mid-season sackings

Pep Guardiola at the FIFA awards

1. Sir Alex Ferguson:
Renowned for his longevity and success, Sir Alex Ferguson’s tenure at Manchester United spanned over 26 years, making him an emblem of stability in the managerial realm.

2. Arsène Wenger:
Arsène Wenger, the French tactician, enjoyed a lengthy and prosperous career with Arsenal, leaving an indelible mark and avoiding the chopping block.

3. Sir Matt Busby:
A legend at Manchester United, Sir Matt Busby’s managerial journey was characterized by sustained success and a lack of mid-season dismissals.

4. Pep Guardiola:
The mastermind behind Barcelona’s golden era and currently at Manchester City, Pep Guardiola has maintained a stable managerial career, steering clear of sudden sackings.

5. Jürgen Klopp:
Jürgen Klopp, Liverpool’s charismatic manager, is another figure who has avoided the turmoil of being sacked mid-season.

6. Diego Simeone:
A stalwart at Atlético Madrid, Diego Simeone has overseen the team’s triumphs without encountering the managerial axe.

7. Zinedine Zidane:

He is currently without a job, but during his Real Madrid career, he was never sacked. 

The other coaches on the list with relatively short careers so far include Xavi, Arteta, Xabi Alonso, and others.

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